Sunday, 16 January 2011

soundtrack of the last decade.

Ah sweet nostalgia. I love how music has always soundtracked the years and can take you right back there. I'm stupidly sentimental with it. When I went back home at Christmas I was nagged into going through my CD collection which has been hoarding space in my parents house for far too long. I ended up posting a lot of stuff off to that music magpie site (which is probably a rip off, but if I didn't they would continue to go unloved in the cupboard, at least this way I made £30) but there was still loads that I couldn't bare to let go of.

I've picked some of my favourites of the last 10 years for nostalgia's sake.

13> Remember being 13 and playing Jimmy Eat World on repeat? I'm not ashamed to admit I still really love the Futures album but in 2001 it was all about Bleed America - loved this song:

14> The White Stripes: I have this vague memory of watching a lot of MTV2 (I think my family had just got Sky about a decade after everyone else) and there was this massive debate about who was better, the White Stripes or The Strokes. It was the season of the 'The' bands. This song and video will remain classic.

15> Ryan Adams. The perfect man. I remember going to see him when he toured the GOLD album and I'll probably remain in love forever. Here he is with the Cardinals.

16> Remember when the OC came out and it was MASSIVE. Sadly enough, I recently re-watched the first season and it was weird to remember what an impact it had on our teen culture (look back to what you were wearing circa 2003 - I'll bet it carries some hilarious attempt at OC style and maybe even a roxy or o'neill branding) and like many teen dramas it had a friggin awesome soundtrack. The Walkmen played lived in the "club" that appeared in like season 2 or 3. Good call.

17> Ah driving - once you finally learned some sort of clutch control, pumping the tunes turned into an even better experience. This was a video I think I had on my bebo and pumping in my clio back in the day (that's right, i said bebo) Reuben - Moving to Blackwater.

18> Brand New - summer 2006. every 18 year old take note.

19> Death Cab got me through first year Uni. I was a rubbish fresher. Screw your foam parties ,£1 bottles of WKD and endless hours of throwing up in the toilets of the union, I'm staying in with Ben Gibbard.

20> Bon Iver. You know how you always get HMV vouchers at Christmas from some relative? They lie discarded compared to the more exciting gifts which get played with on Christmas Day but come a week later, that's when they become the greatest present ever...when you pick up For Emma For Ever Ago randomly off the shelf and think 'I'll give this a go'. Best decision I've ever made.

I'm going to be sneaky and put 2 in for this year, as I can't leave out Six Star Hotel. Local NI band who are up there with the greats. Amazing live and some of the best lyric writing out there.

21> I think we all caught Marling-itis around this time, but I'm gonna go with Cherbourg for this year. I think this was probably around the time I finally ditched whatever crap heap of junk MP3 player I had and gave into an iPod which has been dominated by Cherbourg/Andrew Davie ever since. There's a moment in 'The Mill' where it goes into 'Let Yourself Love' which never fails to send tingles down my spine.

22> The Low Anthem. it wasn't that long ago, so lets not get sentimental quite yet. I'll let the song do that. Beautiful.

23> Time to buy my tartan shopping trolley and slippers, and rest my hip. Its only been a matter of months since I reached the big 2-3, and this has been playing constantly. I can't big up these guys enough. The Mariner's Children.

That was fun. And really difficult to choose.

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